About Us


Why?  The IDL was formed so Car Wars players from all over the globe can participate in duels against new opponents, not normally available without commuting hundreds of miles to a major con.

What?  The IDL has 2 PC's, a digital camera and all the Car Wars supplies needed for a good 3D duel.

Where? The IDL Headquarters are located near Nashville, but anyone can get there by going to www.funwebpage.com, and following the links.

How?  On D-Day (Duelling Day) players will be able to view a photo of the arena and all the cars in it. The players then fill out a form telling the IDL what they want to do (Acc. 5 MPH, D2 bend left, turn as close to the wall as possible, etc.). We then move all the vehicles as per the instructions and post a new photo at the site, with all the new movement covered. Players then fill out a form telling us what firing actions they want to take. Dice are rolled (by an IDL Referee), and players are notified of the results, as well as given a photo of all that has happened, complete with special f/x. Then the next turn begins. Car Wars is already a slow game, but we anticipate a good duel to last about 6 hours.  The whole game will be completed in a day.


MJ Daniels, 2049 AADA World Racing Champion, 2049 WDC Head Referee, and 2050 CADC Rookie of the Year. He is the founder of the IDL. idl@funwebpage.com

Liz Lindsay, former AADA League Manager and Ex- Steve Jackson Games computer Guru. She will be handling all the technical aspects.  webmaster@funwebpage.com

BP Hammer, CEO of numerous Arenas. He is the President of the IDL.   BPHammer@funwebpage.com

Ted Downs, long time advisor to Mr. Hammer. Ted will continue to advise Mr. Hammer.  TedDowns@funwebpage.com

We are also looking for a Chicago area Car Wars player who knows the rules quite well to act as D-Day referee.

How do I join?  Fill in the registration form with the days you are available and your time zone.  We hope to target Saturdays or Sundays, as that's when most people have the free time.

This page was last updated on 10/23/01.