As vehicles are submitted, we will measure them up as described below to determine how many points your vehicle/team scores during their qualifying run.

The qualifying run represents a vehicle racing around the track, shooting at targets.  While playing this out would be fun, we simply are not in a position to do that for each and every driver.  Instead, your qualifying score will be determined on the factors listed below.


Acceleration – 20 points max

Every 5 MPH of acceleration beyond the first 5 MPH counts as 5 points.  Thus, a vehicle with an acceleration of 15 would score 10 points.  Vehicles with “turbo-lag” would subtract 2 from this total, but would count their acceleration as the non-lag acceleration.

Temporary acceleration enhancers, such as nitrous, ISC, rocket boosters, etc., add 1 for each 5 MPH boost.

Handling Class – 20 points max

Vehicles will score 2 ½ times their HC (round down) in points.  Thus, a vehicle with a HC 5 will score 12 pts.  Vehicles with Spoilers/Air dams will calculate their HC as if they were over 60 MPH, as long as the vehicle can achieve that speed, but will subtract 1 point from the total.

Weapons – 32 points max

Vehicles will score points as outlined below.  Only aimed weapons or ram plates will score points.

Top Speed – 4 points max

Top Speeds for a vehicle are calculated with overdrive on, but does not include any temporary top speeds from rocket boosters or the like or from pushed engines.  Vehicles capable of reaching 100 MPH score 1 point.  Those that can reach 125 will receive an extra point.  A 3rd point goes to any vehicle that can reach 175, and a total of 4 points goes to any vehicle that can reach 200+ MPH.

Luck – 8 points max

The random element of chance will add from 0 to 8 points to a vehicle’s score.  This 1d8 roll can be modified up or down based on the referee’s discretion, but common modifiers include:

a)      Referee error against you in your last duel will add 1 to your roll.

b)      Helping the referees out can add 1 or more to your next luck roll.

c)      Annoying the refs or poor sportsmanship in a previous duel can subtract from your luck roll.

Driver – 8 points max

The first 8 players that submit a Legal design, will receive from 1 to 8 points, as those drivers are assumed to have spent more time practicing at the track.  The first legal design will receive 8 points; each subsequent design will receive 1 less.

Pit Crew – 8 points max

This is where you get to bribe us.  The more you spend, the better your pit crew is.  Up to 8 points will be handed out to any player that sends us money.  Contact us by e-mail to find out where to mail your hard earned dollars (or pounds, francs, etc.)

The Weapon formula:

The Weapons formula calculates the average damage that a weapon is likely to do to targets during qualifying.  Ten targets are dispersed throughout the arena; each target can take 10 points of damage before it is destroyed.  If more than 10 points are delivered to a target, the excess is lost.  At the end of the qualifying run, the damage is added up.  The total damage done represents the percentage of the 32 points the vehicle receives in the weapons category.  For example, doing 50 points of damage during your qualifying run will earn you 16 points (50% of 32).

Although there are 10 targets, some cannot be seen from certain vehicle facings as the vehicle weaves around the qualifying course.  Below is a list of how many targets a vehicle can hit from each facing.

Front – 7

Back – 6

Left Side – 4

Right Side – 4

Turrets can hit all targets.

The formula for calculating the amount of damage done to a target is:

A x (H+T+G+S)

A = Average damage for the ammo being used.  If a vehicle uses a mixed load, the pit crew is assumed to rearrange the load for qualifying, so that the most damaging ammo is spent first.

H = A To Hit modifier based on the table below:

To Hit 3 or less 4 5 6 7 8 9+
Modifier 1.0 .9 .8 .7 .5 .3 .1

T = Turret.  T = .1 if the damage is delivered from the turret.

G = Gunner.  G = .1 if the vehicle has a dedicated gunner.

S = Supply.  S = .1 if the weapon expends ½ or less of its ammo

Ram cars always destroy their targets, for 10 points of damage.  To determine how many targets the vehicle destroys, add the score the vehicle received for its Acceleration and Handling Class and divide by 4 (round down).  The result is the number of targets plowed down, with a maximum of 7.  The ram car must have at least 5 points of plastic (1.5 metal) armor front, for each target hit.