Firing Orders
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Firing orders can be written as general or specific as you deem necessary. If two sides of the target vehicle are presented, we heavily recommend you state which side you wish to hit. Unless otherwise noted, we will take the "best available shot". This could mean either the side "in arc", or the side you have been pounding on for the last 3 rounds. When shooting at tires, state left or right and front or rear. Use the standard abbreviation for the weapon you want to use. If you have a weapon fed off a rotary magazine, be sure to identify what type of round you are using, or we will just use the next one in the clip.

There will be no way to measure distances or calculate all modifiers, though you should be able to make some pretty accurate estimates. Die rolls will be handled by the referees. A die rolling program may be added in the future, but that is still a ways off. You will not be given details of all your targeting modifiers. If a shot misses by a mile, or by fractions of an inch, the photos should reflect that.

Below are some examples of firing orders:

VMG@#36 – Open up with the vulcan on the poor sap in the #36 car.

TL w/ 3VFRP@ Red Car, front left tire – three rockets from a VFRP laser guided to a tire.

Trigger Ice Dropper – drops a slick directly behind your vehicle.

GS 2" in front of Joe – fires a gas streamer to pass within 2 game inches of Joe, likely in the direction he is traveling.

Fire RL at #22, if he's not in line of sight, fire RL at nearest target - Fires at the 22, if he remains in the firing arc of the Rocket Launcher. If the 22 is not in the firing arc, the Rocket Launcher will be fired at whomever is the next closest target.

No Shot – Please enter this if you do not want to take a shot this phase. This is the only way we know that you don’t want to take a shot, and that you are still there.


This page was last updated on 10/23/01.