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Inputting Orders

Each Turn will consist of 5 Phases. Each Phase, a photo will be put up on the website. Below that, there is a window with any special notes from the referee, and a box to input your orders for movement and firing that turn. Sometimes you may request a firing action that will not be possible after the vehicles have moved. If your order contains an alternate request, we will execute the legal firing action. If you do not have a valid target defined, no firing action will be taken.

Each segment you only get one opportunity to get it right. If after the vehicle is moved, you donít like your positioning, you are stuck with it. Please get your lefts and rights correct. We will try to do the same on our end.

In the interest of keeping the game moving, please try to get your orders in as quickly as possible. We understand that technical problems may arise, most commonly loss of your connection, computer lockups, baby screaming in the next room, bathroom break, etc. We will wait a few moments for all moves to come in. The time it takes us to process each move can take a few minutes, so you donít always have to be speedy. We do not want to hold a game up for more than 5 minutes after all the other moves have been processed. If your orders have not come in during that time, we will take your turn for you. If you anticipate a prolonged absence, please let us know in the orders screen. You should get a confirmation with each successful order.

This page was last updated on 10/23/01.