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Listed below are examples of the most common and suggested abbreviations for most orders you will use. To keep everything easy, try to stick to this style. Remember standard Car Wars rules. You can accelerate or decelerate only once per turn. If you want to change speed and turn in the same phase, the speed change will take effect before the maneuver is performed. You will be given a chance to submit a move every turn, even if you are moving too slow to move that phase. If your vehicle does not move in a phase, you should enter "no movement this phase".

Acc 5 - Accelerate vehicle 5 mph to 35 mph. You needn’t put your current speed in, but it may help. In case of a discrepancy, we will make our best guess.

Dec 10 - Decelerate vehicle 10 mph to70 mph. Again, simply "Dec 10" would suffice.

Acc 5 Rev – speeding up when the gearshift reads "R".

D3 Bend Left - 45 degree left hand turn, from the DRIVERS perspective. If moving in reverse, the back of the vehicle will be treated as if it were the front.

D5.5 Bend Left – A right hand turn somewhere between 75 and a 90 degrees. We hope to make the turn as accurately as possible, but even the best drivers have to constantly make steering adjustments.

D1 Drift Right - 1/2 car width drift to the right, from the DRIVERS perspective.

Drive Straight – This lets us know you are still there, but do not want to alter your heading.

Bootlegger Left - After 14 years of playing Car Wars, I have never known anyone that could pull this maneuver off without having to go to the rules. If you try it, I cannot guarantee you will arrive at your intended destination. We will do our best.

T-Stop Right – Perform a T-Stop with the vehicle’s end facing 90 degrees right of it’s original facing.

Some driving maneuvers can be stated in long form, such as "turn left, just enough to avoid hitting the wall", or "5 mph pivot so I’m facing the lower left corner of the board." Long orders must be in reference to a stationary point, such as a wall, or an immobilized vehicle. You cannot issue orders like "Turn whichever direction Joe turns", or "Turn just enough so we don’t have a head on collision". Unlike most Car Wars games, there cannot be a 10 minute discussion as to who goes which way to avoid a head on. Suddenly, that game of chicken just became a lot more deadly.

Long form orders should be brief enough to fit within the submission box without scrolling, so we don’t have to spend the next 3 days reading your orders. Also, since the screen refreshes every minute, you will lose your orders if you do not hit submit before it reloads.

The controlled skid is a rarely used maneuver that may be a little rough to describe correctly. If you want to risk it, enter it in long form, and pray we know what the hell is going on.


This page was last updated on 11/19/00.